2018 Core Application


Membership is a covenant between the pastors and elders and the community. We covenant to watch over your souls, to feed you and to do whatever we can to see you grow. We covenant to labor in prayer for you. We covenant to wait on God and hear His voice for this church. We covenant to walk above reproach and to be pastors not only full of love but marked by integrity. As a member, you covenant to devote your time, talent and resources to the church as the Lord leads. Being a member is a public declaration that you are “all in.” It’s saying that REN is your church and you will do your part to make her great. When both the leaders are devoted to the people and the people are devoted to the leaders, something amazing happens. God is greatly glorified!


To become a member, practically, you should be in agreement with the basic tenants of the faith as expressed in the Nicene Creed. Please listen to the "REN 101" teachings found here. And our values should resonate with you (see the Vision page). You should be ready to serve and give. You should be willing to place yourself under the care of loving pastors and elders. Respond by filling out the form below.  


May we be deeply united as a community for the fame of our great God and King Jesus!


Pastor Scott A

2018 Core Application

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