Week 1:  THE BREEZE
The Breeze is our monthly social event. Come meet other Ren young adults at these relaxed events, to which you are encouraged to invite your friends or those exploring Christianity.  (Details in the Anchored email)

Week 2:  THE ROCK
The Rock is our time to learn from those in the church who are at different places in their walks with Christ. We bring in folks from outside the Anchored group to share their knowledge and experience.

Week 3:  THE WELL
The Well is a time for us to dive deeper into the Biblical disciplines of studying the scriptures, praying together and worshiping.

The Lights can be more easily described by what it isn’t: it’s not an open mic night, and it’s not a talent show; but it’s a little bit like those things.  Come and see what God’s been doing in the members of our community as they share, or sign up for a slot and let your own little light shine!

Feats of strength, sea shanties, sonnets, one-act plays, mini-sermons, essays, slideshows, rhymes, paintings, things God has been teaching you, anthems, jokes, anecdotes, scientific demonstrations, freestyle raps, prayers, videos, photographs, stop-motion animations, sculptures, haiku, dances, martial arts demonstrations, pet tricks, testimonies, academic papers, book reports, film reviews, limericks, guitar solos, odes, restaurant reviews, satires, yoga routines, mime, elegies, heroic couplets, folk songs, cantos, scripture verses, doggerel, ballads, fables, recitations, operatic arias, lullabies, comic strips, portraits, sketches, magic tricks, fashion shows, mosaics, parables, psalms, hymns, translations, love songs, engravings, coming-of-age narratives, genealogies, puppet shows,  cooking lessons, biographies, text explications, comic impressions and whatever you’ve got that gives glory to God!