True Fellowship

Scott Axtmann
April 8, 2018

In this opening message of the 1John series Scott gives some general introduction about the author and the purpose of the letter written to the churches. There is discussion of what the word “fellowship” really means theologically and how this deep fellowship is what God desires for all of us. In typical John fashion the letter gets very challenging particularly to those who think they are Christian but are not. The authenticity test begins in chapter one by communicating that words are cheap. We can say we believe. We say we walk in the light. We can claim to believe Jesus. But what really determines our authenticity is how we relate to sin. There is a strong exhortation at the end to hate sin and a wonderful promise of what happens when we walk in repentance. We are cleansed and spiritual life abounds!


Scott Axtmann
April 15, 2018

This message starts out talking about the huge heart of affectionate fatherly love John had for the people. The balance of being intolerant toward all sin and yet realizing there is grace when we do sin is discussed. The bulk of the message is about obedience as one of the great authenticity tests. When we obey the commands of God, especially in secret when no one but God sees, it is evidence that we are genuine in our relationship with Christ. To disregard the commands of God is evidence that we are perhaps not yet truly converted. The message is aimed at deepening the assurance of the authentic believer and awakening the person with false assurance to their desperate need to be born again.

A New Kind of Love

Scott Axtmann
April 22, 2018

In the first part of the message the difference between the old command and new command to love is discussed. The command to love takes on a fresh deeper understanding since the dawn of Christ! Pastor Scott also talks about the difference between human love and God’s love throughout the message. Human love is not enough. The mark of being an authentic Christian is that we possess supernatural Spirit-empowered love for all people. The verses looked at also give us yet another authenticity test. If we hate then we are not yet born again. But when fillled with God’s love we will find ourselves very naturally and almost effortlessly living out the commands of God.