Born to Fly.jpg

Part 1  |  Identity in Christ

Scott Axtmann
April 7, 2013

God does not free us from the guilt and judgment of this world, only to stand back and watch if we can make something of ourselves. No, He equips every single one of us to soar, and to thrive, and enjoy Him forever. In this 3 part series, Pastor Scott encourages those of us who feel stuck in our walks: don’t settle for a nominal Christian lifestyle, because God has never intended such a small life for any of us!

scriptures cited: 

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Part 2  |  Uprooting Sin

Scott Axtmann
April 14, 2013

Pursuing a life of Christlike holiness means we can’t be passive about our sins—we need to confront head-on the sin that clouds our judgment, that hardens our heart, that leads to constant discouragement. We need to have God’s perspective if we ever hope to overcome the habits, attitudes, and influences that keep us from flying.

scriptures cited:

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Part 3  |  A Life of Sacrifice

Scott Axtmann
April 21, 2013

Our generosity is a measure of how much faith we have in God to take care of us, of how much joy we have in service of His name, and of how much we actually believe in the capability of the local church to change the world. Everything else in this life tries to tell us to look out for ourselves first… but it’s hard to be like Jesus when we don’t have any time left over in our schedules to imitate Him.

scriptures cited:

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