Gifts From Above: Pardon

Scott Axtmann
December 2, 2018

This message focuses on the great gift of pardon that was purchased by Christ’s own blood. Unless we understand our desperate need for the gift of pardon we won’t cherish it. Many people hear about the gift and either neglect it or passively receive it because they have no comprehension that they are in danger of perishing for eternity. But when a person understands their desperate need they receive the gift with great joy and cling to it with heart and soul. They go out and tell the world what they found. The end of the message gives application to those who are not yet Christian, as well as to those who are in Christ.

Gifts From Above: Grace

Scott Axtmann
December 9, 2018

All around the world people experience the despair of not being able to overcome sin. It’s true that many people aren’t even concerned about living according to God’s laws, but those who are often experience a profound internal struggle to beat the power of sin. Jesus came into the world and opened up a way of grace for those who want to be free from the dominion of sin. He came to set captives free! This message explores this gift of grace, defining what it is, and how to appropriate it into our lives. The last part of the message discusses the secret of abiding in order to be filled with grace. This will bring hope for anyone struggling to overcome.

Gifts From Above: Comfort

Scott Axtmann
December 16, 2018

Planet earth is sick and all creation groans under the burden of suffering of all kinds. No one is exempt. In our pain we crave comfort and seek it in a variety of ways. Some of the ways people deal with their pain end up bringing more pain. One of the great gifts of God is His comfort. It’s not merely the physical comfort of a pillow or blanket but is the deep comfort released within us through His Spirit. God comforts us by whispering to our hearts that He is with us and that He will carry us through. Knowing that God cares will sustain us through even the hardest times. While God is accessible at all times, His overwhelming comfort and lush affection is not always immediately given when we seek it. The last part of the message instructs regarding the importance of learning to draw from the quiet well of God’s word to find comfort in the waiting until the outpourings of divine affection come.

Gifts From Above: Glory

Scott Axtmann
December 23, 2018

It is a common experience to be fickle. One day we are happy and everything is going well and the next day we are down about something. What is the secret to sustaining joy? That’s what this message is about. It’s an exploration of God’s vision for our eternal home described in Revelation 21-22. When we keep this vision burning in our hearts by frequent contemplation, it has profound effects on the way we live in this present life. We are happy, we joyfully endure, we are motivated to live holy and we are moved to spread the message of Jesus however we can. A vision of eternal glory results in a transformed life in the present.


Joy to the World: Problem of Guilt

Scott Axtmann
December 10, 2017

In this first message of the series the great problem of guilt is dealt with. All people have sinned and carry guilt and no one, no matter how brilliant, has been able to figure out how to eradicate guilt. People try to suppress it or talk themselves out of it or just downplay it or even attempt to make up for it. But none of these efforts result in the thorough removal of guilt. Jesus came into the world to crush this impossible problem and through his work on the cross made it possible for guilt to be removed for those who trust in him. At the end of this message Scott divides the exhortation to address two groups. To those who have been pardoned the encouragement is to rejoice! For those who are still in sin and not yet washed of guilt the encouragement is - come to the fountain of cleaning, come home.

Joy to the World: Problem of Separation

Scott Axtmann
December 17, 2017

No matter what generation or what part of the world people live in the feeling of separation from God is felt keenly. There is a great invisible wall that separates humanity from God. The wall is impenetrable and impossible to scale. No one has figured out how to break through the wall themselves. Jesus came into the world to make a way of access through the wall. Scripture teaches that through the blood of Christ a way was opened up for all people to be reconciled with God. We who were far have been brought near. We who were an enmity are now friends of God. The last part of the message is an appeal specifically to the person who may still be far from God. Clear instruction is given in repentance. Kiss your old life goodbye and step through the door into a glorious brand new life in God.

Joy to the World: Problem of Fear

Scott Axtmann
December 24, 2017

Please note: the beginning of this sermon audio was damaged and couldn't be restored. 

People have all sorts of fears including fear of spiders, fear of dogs, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, fear of pain and so on. The greatest of all fears, however, is the fear of death. Hebrews says that people without God are in slavery to the fear of death. Jesus came to deliver us from this great fear of the unknown and to give us a blessed assurance in the face of death. Christ made it possible for us to not only be unafraid but to possess a deep abiding conviction that we are His, and that when we pass from this life, we will land safely in the arms of our Savior. This is a message of hope especially for those who still find themselves uncertain about what happens after death. For the Christian who has experienced the second birth it is a strong reminder of eternal realities. A good part of the message is expounding on the glories of the future city as described in Revelation 21-22.


Advent 2016 | Hope

Charles Berkley
December 4, 2016

Pastor Charles Berkley of Providence Assembly on Elmwood Avenue in the neighborhood was a special guest with us to open up the Advent season preaching a message on hope. Charles has pastored in the city for many years and is considered a mentor and spiritual father to many. Ren Church and Providence Assembly have partnered on many occasions with worship gatherings and city outreaches. This message by Charles is a great encouragement especially to those who are running low on hope. It's also a reminder that our hope is rooted in eternity.

Advent 2016 | Peace

David Rodriguez
December 11, 2016

This message was given by Pastor David Rodriguez of Church of the Community on the Advent theme of "Peace". Pastor David beautifully describes the peace we can have with God and the effects it has on our relationships with each other and even our enemies. The truth is that we live in a broken contentious world but God has called us and empowered us to be peacemakers. We are agents of peace in a world of strife.

Advent 2016 | Love

Nia Campinha-Bacote
December 18, 2016

In this third week of Advent the theme of love is explored by young preacher Nia Campinha-Bacote who is a campus missionary at Yale University. Nia talks about God's great love for us demonstrated in the cross and that our love for God in response is a choice lived out in tangible ways. This is a message of hope for those who need to be reminded of how good God is.

Advent 2015 | Hope

Scott Axtmann
November 29, 2015

On the first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Scott preaches about hope. Our hope of an eternity with Christ is much more than wishful thinking, it is a blessed assurance and a conviction that burns in our hearts. The hope we have is radical in a world where people are in bondage to the fear of death.

Advent 2015 | Peace

Scott Axtmann
December 6, 2015

The world is full of turmoil, fear, and anxiety; we crave peace, but cannot seem to find it. We look for peace in all the wrong places. Pastor Scott explains that the real issue is a heart-problem: we need a new heart to hold the peace of God. Before we can experience God's peace, we need to be at peace with God. The path of peace is a lifestyle, and we have to walk in it. The key is learning to trust God, and placing every area of our lives into His hands.

Advent 2015 | Love

Scott Axtmann
December 13, 2015

There's a craving in each of us to be close to God, but sometimes it's hard to comprehend and feel His presence and love. It's easier to focus on people and tangible things. Even for people who follow Jesus, we can struggle to feel and know that it's really true that God loves us personally. Scott encourages us to understand that the love of God can become real to us, and be experienced deeply in this present life. We're invited by God to open the eyes of our hearts and understanding to comprehend who He is, and to grasp the depth of His great love for us. The love of God can be experienced powerfully if we open our hearts wide to it, and ask God to make it real for us. 

Advent 2015 | Joy

Scott Axtmann
December 20, 2015

We live in a world that is hurting in so many ways. We are created to yearn for joy, but where can we find joy in a world that is full of so much pain, fear, violence, and depression? Pastor Scott exhorts us to find our joy in Christ. Everything the world can offer is only fleeting and temporary, but joy in Christ is a promised eternal blessing, and transcends our circumstances.