This page is the most up to date information about existing ministries in the church. For more information contact us at info@renchurchri.org.


Of all the happenings in the life of the church the most popular and important is Sunday. Between 200-300 gather each week with about 50-70 kids involved in our kids program. The length of service is usually 90 minutes (10:30-noon) and consists of worship, prayers, a message and a time of communion. Dress is casual. The community is very diverse, not just ethnically but also spiritually with varying levels of faith experience. We work hard to make everyone comfortable. The services have been described as vibrant, passionate and real. All are welcome. Go to our Sundays page for an in depth glimpse of what to expect.


Festival of Light is a creative effort to help rediscover the meaning of Christmas. It is an interactive walkthrough art installation exploring some of the most familiar Christmas symbols like the tree, the star and the lights. It will take place from Friday Dec. 7 - Sunday Dec. 9, from 6-9pm each night.

For much more information, go to the Festival of Light page.


On Christmas Eve, December 24th 6-7 pm, we will once again have a candlelight service including Scripture, songs and stories. This is a great opportunity to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and to prepare your heart for Christmas Day. Dress is casual but for various reasons some folks are dressed a little nicer than usual. Even the pastor has been known to pull out a tie. The important thing to us is simply that you come and experience the love of the Savior.


Besides the main Sunday worship gathering the next most important gatherings throughout the week are the daily prayer. We consider these the spiritual fuel of the church. The format of our daily prayer is simple. Usually, the first 30-45 minutes you pray on your own anywhere in the sanctuary. Several stations are available to sit at the cross, read promises, write prayers, intercede for the city or to behold the names of God. In the last 15-30 minutes, a leader will rally everyone together in the front. Usually a portion of Scripture is read and then used as a guide for our prayer time together. The prayer gatherings include very experienced prayer folks and those who are just starting out. If you are new there’s no pressure to pray out loud. Here are the daily times.

Monday 7-8 am
Tuesday 6:30-8 pm*
Wednesday noon-1
Thursday 6-7 pm
Friday noon-1
Saturday 11-noon
Sunday 9:39-10:30 am

*Tuesday includes a 30 min. teaching on prayer and childcare

In addition to these daily prayer gatherings we have a Saturday prayer band that runs from noon to midnight. The idea here is that you sign up to pray for an hour or more each Saturday at a specific hour of your choice. The beautiful thing about the prayer band is that you can do it from home or wherever you are. Sign up for the prayer band here or on the prayer band white board in the sanctuary.

Note: The church will be closed Wednesday November 21st through Saturday November 24th Thanksgiving week.


Opportunities for women are abundant at Ren. A variety of small groups exist at various times to accommodate schedules and interests. The first happens on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month 6:30 pm in the lounge room. Childcare is available during this time. The next one is Wednesday morning 9:30-11:30, also with childcare. These are times of life sharing, Bible discussion and prayer. The women also gather in the sanctuary every 2-3 months for what we call Women’s Refresh. This is a special gathering just for women to get to know one another. It’s a time of hearing stories of what God is doing and a time of sharing and prayer. All women are welcome and encouraged to come. Refreshments are provided.


About once a month the men gather for breakfast in the cafe at the church on a Saturday from 9:30-11 am. The first part of the gathering a meal is shared, and then, afterward, one of the leaders shares an encouraging message relevant to men. The Saturday prayer is directly following from 11-noon in the sanctuary which is also a great option to attend. The next one is December 15th 9:30-11. In order to secure a spot fill out this 10 second short form.

Twice a month (2nd and 4th Thursday nights) 7-8:30 pm, some of the men gather in the lounge room at Ren to study the Word together. We call this men’s discipleship group. This is our most focused and intensive discipleship opportunity for men.


OVER 40 
For those over 40 there is a special gathering that happens once a month on a Friday night. Usually this gathering consists of discussion and prayer and food.


At Renaissance, we call our middle school youth ministry “Spark” and our high school ministry “Ignite.” Our middle school and high school youth groups meet on Thursdays at 6pm in the lower level Valley space. The group is fairly small but growing steadily and because we have such a large number of young people in the church 6-12 these ministries will be blooming in the coming years! Chris Waugh is our youth minister and organizes not just weekly discipleship but a whole variety of regular opportunities like sports events, retreats and special outreaches.


From its early years Ren Church has been a hub for local college students from Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, Johnson and Wales and other schools. Presently, college students make up about 20% of the congregation. Students seem to like Ren Church partly because, well, other students attend. We also serve really good coffee on Sundays. The deeper reason that students attend Ren is because of its location which brings in a beautiful mosaic of all kinds of people.

The students who attend the church participate in a variety of student groups including The Branch, Cru, Inter Varsity, RUF and Christian Union. In fact, several of the campus missionaries attend the church. From time to time all the students gather together on Sundays for a meal to get to know one another. This is coordinated by Chris Waugh, our minister of youth and college students. Chris also serves part-time at Brown University directing The Branch.


We call our young adult group Anchored. It is a group of young adults under 40 doing life together. They have recently adopted a new schedule, with each Sunday being a different theme (social event, discipleship, Bible study, prayer + worship, and "The Lights").

The Breeze is our monthly social event. Come meet other Ren young adults at these relaxed events, to which you are encouraged to invite your friends or those exploring Christianity.  (Details in the Anchored email)

Week 2:  THE ROCK
The Rock is our time to learn from those in the church who are at different places in their walks with Christ. We bring in folks from outside the Anchored group to share their knowledge and experience.

Week 3:  THE WELL
The Well is a time for us to dive deeper into the Biblical disciplines of studying the scriptures, praying together and worshiping.

The Lights can be more easily described by what it isn’t: it’s not an open mic night, and it’s not a talent show; but it’s a little bit like those things.  Come and see what God’s been doing in the members of our community as they share, or sign up for a slot and let your own little light shine!

Feats of strength, sea shanties, sonnets, one-act plays, mini-sermons, essays, slideshows, rhymes, paintings, things God has been teaching you, anthems, jokes, anecdotes, scientific demonstrations, freestyle raps, prayers, videos, photographs, stop-motion animations, sculptures, haiku, dances, martial arts demonstrations, pet tricks, testimonies, academic papers, book reports, film reviews, limericks, guitar solos, odes, restaurant reviews, satires, yoga routines, mime, elegies, heroic couplets, folk songs, cantos, scripture verses, doggerel, ballads, fables, recitations, operatic arias, lullabies, comic strips, portraits, sketches, magic tricks, fashion shows, mosaics, parables, psalms, hymns, translations, love songs, engravings, coming-of-age narratives, genealogies, puppet shows,  cooking lessons, biographies, text explications, comic impressions and whatever you’ve got that gives glory to God!

Contact anchoredyoungadults@gmail.com for more details and click here to sign up for their weekly newsletter.


This is a time of life sharing and teaching on various elements that make relationships strong. This group is designed for serious dating couples, engaged couples and newlyweds. The group usually meets at someone’s house the second Friday of each month.



With the busyness of life sometimes families struggle to meet other families in the church. We strive to have a different fun family event each month throughout the year, designed to help connect families to one another. If you are a new family this is a great way to meet people.

The next family event is one of the best of the year at Christmastime! It’ll be Sunday December 16th from 1-4 pm. We turn the lower level of the church into Santa’s workshop. Parents can drop their children (4 and up) at the church and then go shopping, or out to eat or take a nap or whatever! The kids are guided by workshop leaders to create a variety of gifts for their parents and other special people in their lives. Each child goes home with a bag of wrapped gifts to give away. Parents are also welcome to stay with their children to assist them. The event teaches the kids that Christmas is not merely about getting stuff but about the joy of giving. The greatest gift in the world was the Gift of God’s Son to us. So we teach the kids that giving is becoming more like God.

To participate in this event it is necessary to rsvp by filling out this short form here so we can plan supplies accordingly.


This is an exciting group that aims to raise awareness for our missionary of the month. This group does research together, they communicate with our missionaries to find out needs and they develop creative ways to help the Ren community grasp the various mission of our missionaries and the context they are serving in. Because this group meets right after service a meal is provided.

The next missionary care group will meet the last Sunday in November with special guest missionary Jason Fuentes and family who serve in Indonesia! To be included in this special gathering let us know by clicking here.


There are a handful of artists and creative types who come together to work on visual aspects of the Ren space. Projects include designing and creating the exterior murals, creating visual prayer stations, chalkboard illustrations, painting projects, Christmas decorating and interior murals. The team is directed by Alli Leson who is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Alli is also on staff as Ren art director. This team is open to anyone who loves to make stuff regardless of ability level. For those who are young aspiring artists it’s a great way to learn.


In 2018 an initiative was started to impact the city in greater ways. We commissioned eight full-time urban missionaries into the city to serve and to communicate the message of Jesus in creative ways. Most of the missionaries serving are recent college grads from local universities. CityLove has partnered with or volunteered at local organizations including Providence Rescue Mission, Southside Community Land Trust, Southside Cultural Center, Refugee Dream Center, Young Voices, Open Doors, Downcity Design, CityArts, Trinity Square Together and PVD Fest. Besides partnership work the team designs and builds things that display the love of Christ to the city. Presently, the CityLove missionaries are taking the lead on our massive art installation called Festival of Light.

For a full description of the CityLove initiative go to our website CityLovePVD.org.


One of the most beautiful things about serving as a pastor in greater Rhode Island is the fellowship of pastors across denominations. This network of pastors is glued together by an initiative aptly named Together. The pastors and leaders get together several times a year for prayer gatherings, retreats, worship nights and small groups. One of the great highlights in recent years was a gathering at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium with Luis Palau that brought over 100 churches together! The pastors of Ren are actively involved in this important movement to fuse together the Church for the advance of the Gospel.