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Starting July 17th we're moving into a season of deeper prayer. The church will be opened 7 days a week for prayer at all different times to accommodate the variety of schedules people have.

These blocks of prayer will include a variety of options for drawing close to God. We will provide some worship music to set an atmosphere and you can pray at the cross, cry for the city looking out the window, write prayers in the prayer room, pray the Word at the counter, sit quietly in a seat and converse in your heart and so on. We want to simply open the space for you to come in and connect with God. At the end of each gathering we will circle together to pray in agreement. The beautiful thing about this multifaceted format is that everyone can feel at home no matter what their preferred style is or what level they are at.

Earlier Event: July 21
Later Event: July 22
Sunday 10:30AM Service