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One of the most active ministries in the church is Anchored, our young adult community. They meet every Friday night in the Ren sanctuary at 7:30pm. Each Friday looks a little different. On Friday April 26thm they will be hosting a special event called The Lights. This is part open-mic, part show and tell. It’s open to the whole church to come and enjoy and absolutely anyone is welcome to present. See the list below for some ideas on specific ways to let your light shine.

Feats of strength, sea shanties, sonnets, one-act plays, mini-sermons, essays, slideshows, rhymes, paintings, things God has been teaching you, anthems, jokes, anecdotes, scientific demonstrations, freestyle raps, prayers, videos, photographs, stop-motion animations, sculptures, haiku, dances, martial arts demonstrations, pet tricks, testimonies, academic papers, book reports, film reviews, limericks, guitar solos, odes, restaurant reviews, satires, yoga routines, mime, elegies, heroic couplets, folk songs, cantos, scripture verses, doggerel, ballads, fables, recitations, operatic arias, lullabies, comic strips, portraits, sketches, magic tricks, fashion shows, mosaics, parables, psalms, hymns, translations, love songs, engravings, coming-of-age narratives, genealogies, puppet shows,  cooking lessons, biographies, text explications, comic impressions and whatever you’ve got that gives glory to God!

Please email to reserve a slot.

Earlier Event: April 26
Later Event: April 27