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Many of you are likely familiar with Dave Ramsey the financial guru. He has written many books and has a popular radio program. He has helped millions of people to be excellent stewards of their money. One thing I’ve learned about finance is that even if you think you know a lot there’s always room to grow. This course will empower you to waste less, save more for the things you want and give more generously. It is designed to bring a sense of peace about your finances. Financial struggles are one of the greatest causes of stress for many and also the #1 reason married couples fight. I want to personally invite you to be part of this 10 week course starting May 2nd. It will be every Wednesday evening 6:30-8:30 pm at Ren and led by Greg Johnson who serves on our Ren Council as Stewardship Team leader. The cost of this course is between $109-$129 (TBD). We are not profiting at all with this. This is simply the cost for the course for each individual or couple. We considered absorbing the cost but decided that it was important for those taking the course to be invested. That said, if you know the course would benefit you greatly but are under great financial strain, we will consider helping pay for part of the tuition. Email with questions and/or requests.

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