Fishers of Men | Part One

Scott Axtmann
November 6, 2016

This is the first of a series based on the great call of Jesus to go into all the world to be "fishers of men". Most followers of Christ desire to excel in leading people to Christ but struggle with the daunting task because of the many cultural obstacles. Pastor Scott shares in detail his own personal story of how two young followers of Jesus succeeded in reconciling him to God, highlighting the qualities they possessed that made them effective. Woven throughout the story are Scriptural principles to equip the Christian in the effort to pull people out of the waters of sin and into the boat of salvation. The importance of going to where people are, being filled with love, being bold and demonstrating Spirit power are discussed. 

Fishers of Men | Part Two

Scott Axtmann
November 13, 2016

This message falls on the first Sunday right after the election of Donald Trump as president and the aftermath of rioting and protesting across the country. Pastor Scott addresses the divide and helps direct hearts into a Christlike response. Then the talk transitions into the series theme of being fishers of men. Scott shares some of the lessons he learned in his first few years of being a Christian and some of the mistakes he made in the effort to share the message of Jesus with people.

Fishers of Men | Part Three

Scott Axtmann
November 20, 2016

This is the third message in the Fishers of Men series and Pastor Scott shares the lessons learned during his Bible college years. The main punch of the message is that in order to be effective we need the power of the Holy Spirit. Without the power of God we are timid and our words fall flat. With the power doors open up, our message penetrates the heart and the reality of Jesus is demonstrated in various ways. This power is released in direct relation to our desperate and incessant prayers. Scott gives some strong exhortation about prayer at the end.

Fishers of Men | Part Four

Scott Axtmann
November 27, 2016

This is the fourth and final message in the Fishers of Men series. Pastor Scott unveils that the collective expression of the church has the potential of making the greatest impact upon unbelievers and outsiders. Often we think of evangelism as an individual effort but God calls us to reflect His glory as a unified church. This glory is seen as the church carries the spirit of prayer together. Prayer as a daily lifestyle of hunger and thirst will result in the glory of God filling the house when the people are gathered. Scott also gives some clear exhortation about how to approach God with honesty and awe. This message is not just a sermon for the week but has been the dream for this church from its conception in 2003.