Fullness of God | There is More

Scott Axtmann
January 11, 2015

In this message Pastor Scott begins a brand-new series on the fullness of God. The idea of fullness may mean different things for different people, but it essentially means the full spiritual life of God that can work in and through us. Specifically, he talks about the greater measures of God available to us.  

Fullness of God | Seek and You Will Find

Scott Axtmann
January 18, 2015

In this message Pastor Scott preaches about the primary means of attaining the fullness of God - prayer. Besides talking about the call to prayer and discussing the nature of true prayer, he addresses the problem of not having much desire to pray. This seems to hold back Christians more than anything. They know prayer is important and believe that amazing things can happen through prayer but, for whatever reason, they simply aren't interested in prayer. A lack of appetite for prayer is the story of so many of God's people. But the truth that though we feel weak at this effort to engage in real prayer, the Spirit will help us.

Fullness of God | Think Big

Scott Axtmann
January 25, 2015

There are so many genuine followers of Jesus who sell themselves short and think small thoughts about their lives. They struggle to imagine themselves being great in God's kingdom. They hold high views of God, but for whatever reason don't believe they are candidates for the fullness of God. 
What causes people to think small? Why do so many people struggle to believe they can attain a significant measure of God's power and be an instrument in God's hand that can impact their generation?  It often traces back to negative words that were spoken over their lives. Parents, teachers, peers, spouses, and so on may have told them, in so many words, that they are average or stupid or pathetic or nothing. Many Christians have been lied to. They have been told that they are not qualified to be great. And they have believed it. When we believe these lies about ourselves it has a way of holding us back from the full purposes of God over our lives.  In this message Pastor Scott preaches to expose the lies that have tied us down that God would cut these lies away and release us into a new freedom to pursue all that God has for us.

Fullness of God | Making it Happen

Scott Axtmann
February 8, 2015

As he continues through the fullness of God series, Pastor Scott addresses some of the practical things we can do in our lives in our pursuit of God.  He addresses topics such as busyness, spontaneity, making a plan and expectations of prayer.