Future of REN | Part 1

Scott Axtmann
June 1, 2014

This message is a must listen for anyone that calls REN their home church or wants to know more about where REN is headed.  Pastor Scott takes us through 7 things that God is calling us to as a church.  God has shown his grace, love and power in Renaissance Church through the years, but he is calling us further into Him. telling us that there is more in Him.  


Isaiah 56
I Corinthians 14
Ephesians 2

Future of REN | Part 2

Nate Pracht
June 8, 2014

In this message Pastor Nate guides us further into the 7 things that we are praying and believing that God is calling us to grow in as a church in this next season at REN.  We pray that we would grow as a community and become more like Jesus in the days to come.  


Isaiah 56
II Corinthians 4
Revelation 7