Over the years at Ren we have invested in a wide variety of global missions. Even as a "baby church" we supported several missionaries and have always given significant support to fuel the great cause of Christ's mission on the earth. While our primary focus is the city of Providence we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to do our part in touching nations.

Perhaps the simplest way we have blessed the nations of the world is through the consistent support of trusted missionaries. We have come alongside men and women who are serving faithfully in places like Jordan, Amsterdam, Mozambique, Northern Africa and Thailand. We believe that the quality of missionaries we support matters. We know our missionaries personally and trust them deeply. Many of them are risking their very lives to do what they do. It is our desire to strengthen them financially but also cover them with earnest prayer and open our doors wide to them when they are in the states.

Ren Church has organized a handful of missions over the years including Haiti and Nicarauga. Several from the community each year venture out to the ends of the earth on various missions. Perhaps the most significant way that Ren has impacted global mission is by sending people out. God calls some of us to lay down roots in RI and serve here but others he has called to faraway places to bring the light of the Gospel. We believe that sending people out is a fulfillment of our purpose and we have seen many go and serve in places like Japan, Thailand, Haiti, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Sri Lanka and regions of Africa.

As westerners we have become a bit spoiled with so many comforts and luxuries but we believe strongly that our lives are no longer our own. We are bound to the purposes of the One who purchased us by His own blood. And where He leads we will follow. This may mean living in the sweltering heat of the desert, facing the dangers of serving in high persecution regions or dwelling with the poorest of the poor. We believe that those who Christ died for matter and that it is our responsibility and high privilege to waste our lives in search for them until they are safe in His arms.