Knowing God

Scott Axtmann
September 3, 2017

This is the first message in the "God Is" series, laying a foundation of what it means to know God. It's easy to think that knowing God equates with mere head knowledge but the Scriptures teach that the eyes of our hearts can be illuminated and we can experience who God is. This call to know God is not reserved for a select few but is open to all people. More than anything, this world needs men and women who know God intimately. Knowing God changes us and changes the world around us! Scott ends the talk with some practical insights on the way to know God and especially presses the importance of making the pursuit of God our one supreme passion in life. We exist to know God. This is a good message to ignite a fresh hunger and thirst.

God Is Love

Scott Axtmann
September 10, 2017

One of the most effective ways the enemy weakens people and causes them to withdraw from God is through condemnation. Many of God's people struggle to believe that God loves them, likes them and really wants them. The Scriptures are abundant in declaring that God is passionate in His love for us. He has deep affections toward us. God's burning love extends to all people including the Church, those who have drifted away and every kind of sinner no matter how great their sin. God's love is like an ocean depth and cannot be quenched. At the end of this message Scott talks honestly about the need to pursue a genuine encounter of God's love that will transform the heart.

God is Living Water

Scott Axtmann
September 17, 2017

Many Christians testify that things like prayer, study of the Word and worship are not enjoyable. Despite not being their favorite thing to do many will do these things out of obligation because they know God wants them to. But does God get any pleasure from our begrudging service to Him? This message explores the wonderful promise of God to give us joy in His presence. We were created to know God and enjoy Him forever. God wants us to be happy. He promises to supply rivers of living water for our fulfillment. He is the Good Shepherd who leads us into green pastries and beside still waters. He doesn't force this joy upon us but warmly invites us to come to the waters and drink deeply of all He is.

God is Awesome

John Michaelson
September 23, 2017

Many of us have learned about the peace, mercy and gentleness of Jesus. But to view God in simply comfortable and manageable ways betrays much of what the Bible teaches.  Drawing from the prophet's vision of God in Ezekiel Chapter 1, REN elder John Michaelson challenges the way we often miss viewing God with awe and fear — full of mystery, grandeur and glory and worthy of our reverence.

God is Happy

Scott Axtmann
October 1, 2017

It seems that for one reason or other many Christians imagine God to be mostly sad, sometimes angry and very rarely happy. Because of this perception of God as gloomy and in a bad mood it’s no wonder they don’t want to draw close. As humans we don’t like spending time with people who are cranky. But the Bible paints a portrait of a God who rejoices over creation and who delights over His people. He rejoices over us with singing, the Bible says (Zephaniah 3:17). When we begin to understand the infinite joy between Father, Son and Spirit, it changes us. It gets inside of us. We become connected to that joy and it makes us strong. We draw near with excitement. We begin to reflect that joy of God to the world around us. This message given by Scott can really transform the heart and especially affect the practice of prayer.

God Is Generous

Scott Axtmann
October 8, 2017

We’ve all met stingy people. They hoard, they don’t like to share and it’s painful to even ask them for something we need because we know they don’t really want to help. When we view God as stingy it makes us shy and reticent to approach Him. We almost feel bad asking. This message is an overview of the different tangible ways God has demonstrated generosity to us, not only as His children but as created beings. When we take time to deeply consider the generosity of God we begin to realize it’s far beyond what even the most generous person might be. When we see the generous heart of God we naturally are moved to pray, serve, give and pour our lives out in mission for Him. When we realize that the One who has been so generous to us considers our generosity to Him a fragrance, then we are motivated to go way beyond the minimum standard.

God is For Providence

Scott Axtmann
October 15, 2017

In everything we do at Ren, we are aiming to move people into the full expression of who God created them to be. People within the church are experiencing all the benefits of the transforming love of Christ, but what about the people in our city who don't go to church? Just as Jesus came not to be served but to serve, God calls us to pour ourselves out to demonstrate God's love in the city of Providence. In this message, Pastor Scott lays out the vision for an urban mission initiative called Citylove. Through Citylove, urban missionaries will dedicate at least one year to serve the city and creatively communicate the message of Jesus to people in Providence.