Harvest | Be Broken

Scott Axtmann
November 8, 2015

When we become Christians, we must realize it's not just for our own salvation or edification: we all have a responsibility to spread the gospel and draw people closer to God. Pastor Scott exhorts us to recognize that even in a culture that seems to reject the gospel of Jesus, we can't assume that people don't want to know their Creator, and He will equip us in every way for the harvest. This is the first sermon of an ongoing series, in which we will learn some of the ways we are called to be ambassadors for Christ. When we are broken for other people and filled with supernatural compassion for the lost, our eyes are opened to the worth of every soul we encounter, and how much God desires people to love Him.

Harvest | Be Bright

Scott Axtmann
November 15, 2015

When we become Christians, it's about more than just enjoying God for ourselves; we are commissioned into His work. We become ambassadors of Christ, to gather people and reconcile them to God. In order to be effective, we need to be spiritually bright: beautiful in character, distinct and holy, releasing the fragrance of Christ wherever we go. Who we are matters, and when we are shining lights, we move people towards God. Pastor Scott encourages us to become so entwined with Christ that His life shines through us, into the culture around us which can be so fraught with false teaching.

Harvest | Be Brave

Scott Axtmann
November 22, 2015

God has placed us as points of light in spheres of darkness; we are not merely servants, we are called to be messengers. The truth about Jesus can be offensive to people, but we need to remember that we are carriers of light and hope to the world, and to trust in God and be brave. Pastor Scott exhorts us not to allow fear to make us ineffective at spreading the knowledge of God.