Problem of Guilt

Scott Axtmann
December 10, 2017

In this first message of the series the great problem of guilt is dealt with. All people have sinned and carry guilt and no one, no matter how brilliant, has been able to figure out how to eradicate guilt. People try to suppress it or talk themselves out of it or just downplay it or even attempt to make up for it. But none of these efforts result in the thorough removal of guilt. Jesus came into the world to crush this impossible problem and through his work on the cross made it possible for guilt to be removed for those who trust in him. At the end of this message Scott divides the exhortation to address two groups. To those who have been pardoned the encouragement is to rejoice! For those who are still in sin and not yet washed of guilt the encouragement is - come to the fountain of cleaning, come home.

Problem of Separation

Scott Axtmann
December 17, 2017

No matter what generation or what part of the world people live in the feeling of separation from God is felt keenly. There is a great invisible wall that separates humanity from God. The wall is impenetrable and impossible to scale. No one has figured out how to break through the wall themselves. Jesus came into the world to make a way of access through the wall. Scripture teaches that through the blood of Christ a way was opened up for all people to be reconciled with God. We who were far have been brought near. We who were an enmity are now friends of God. The last part of the message is an appeal specifically to the person who may still be far from God. Clear instruction is given in repentance. Kiss your old life goodbye and step through the door into a glorious brand new life in God.

Problem of Fear

Scott Axtmann
December 24, 2017

Please note: the beginning of this sermon audio was damaged and couldn't be restored

People have all sorts of fears including fear of spiders, fear of dogs, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, fear of pain and so on. The greatest of all fears, however, is the fear of death. Hebrews says that people without God are in slavery to the fear of death. Jesus came to deliver us from this great fear of the unknown and to give us a blessed assurance in the face of death. Christ made it possible for us to not only be unafraid but to possess a deep abiding conviction that we are His, and that when we pass from this life, we will land safely in the arms of our Savior. This is a message of hope especially for those who still find themselves uncertain about what happens after death. For the Christian who has experienced the second birth it is a strong reminder of eternal realities. A good part of the message is expounding on the glories of the future city as described in Revelation 21-22.