When You Fast

Scott Axtmann
February 12, 2017

Fasting through the centuries has often led to unhealthy extremes and efforts to merit God's favor. Today the pendulum has swung the other way to the point of neglect. In Matthew 6:16-18 Jesus teaches us several things about fasting. He expects his followers to fast. It is assumed that we will fast. There is a right way and a wrong way to fast. And fasting, when done rightly, is seen and rewarded by the Father. Pastor Scott expands on these simple ideas by highlighting the story and promises of Isaiah 58. This sermon aims to motivate the church to not throw out the practice of fasting but to keep it alive as an expression of deep hunger for God.

Rend Your Heart

Paul Moon
February 19, 2017

God is calling us to a deeper level of repentance and worship as we approach the season of Lent. Paul Moon takes us through the first 2 chapters of Joel in this sermon. We explore God’s judgement and justice while celebrating the grace and love He offers us in the midst of it all. God is looking for a people prepared not with just head knowledge but pure hearts before Him.

Palm Sunday 2017

Scott Axtmann
April 9, 2017

Out of John 12 Pastor Scott tells the story of the triumphal entry of Jesus giving special emphasis on all the different types of people found in this story and their motives for being there. Motives matter. It's not just important what we do but why we do it. Without right motives we will not be able to stand firm and run the race to the end. The Bible teaches that God will weigh motives on the great day of judgment. Motives will be revealed. The message ends with several ways we can cultivate right motives.