House of Prayer


Welcome to the Ren House of Prayer. The idea for a house of prayer is not new. Many churches around the world open their doors daily for prayer and in some places there is a sustained prayer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a fulfillment of Isaiah 56 where God says, “I will make them joyful in my house of prayer.” Jesus had this chapter of Isaiah in mind no doubt when he cleansed the temple as a fierce demonstration of God’s intention for His House to be a place of prayer for all nations.

For the first 30-40 minutes pray on your own utilizing the various prayer stations around the room. Worship quietly up at the stage area on your knees. Spend some time surrendering at the foot of the cross. Write a prayer and post it on the prayer wall in the prayer room. Read some of the prayers on the wall and let them ignite your prayers. Step into the nursing mom room with 2-3 others if you want to pray together for something. Stand at the request wall and lift up some of the requests that have come in for specific prayers. Sit in the couch area or at the counter if you want to comfortably write some prayers in your journal. On the elevator room wall and/or projected on the screens you’ll find some promises from the Word to pray over. New stations will appear from time to time as well. Stations will be marked clearly so just feel free to move about the sanctuary and participate in the ones you feel led to. Don’t feel like you have to use the stations. They are there to help only. If you want to stay in your seat the whole time and pray there, you are free to do that.


In the last 20-30 minutes whoever is leading the gathering will gather everyone up to the front in a standing circle. He or she may share a thought about prayer and/or give a short introduction about a specific need to pray for together. Then, a few in the circle will lead out in a prayer of agreement. No one needs to worry about being put on the spot to pray out loud. We will work hard to respect everyone’s time and end promptly at the 60 minute mark. The only exception to this format is our larger Tuesday gathering, which includes some teaching and runs 90-120 minutes.


Because Ren consists of people coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and styles of praying we ask that the utmost consideration is given to never do any kind of praying that makes people uncomfortable or distracts them from their focus on God. Everything that happens in a group setting, whether a small prayer gathering or a large Sunday worship gathering, should blend beautifully (1 Corinthians 14). We are a symphony being conducted by the Spirit. There should be order, harmony and beauty. There should never be one instrument playing so loud that it overwhelms the rest. So be mindful of others in the room who may pursue God in a quieter fashion. Never try to push or pull anyone into your style. We want everyone to feel at home at the House of Prayer.

Prayer Band


On Saturdays there is no prayer at the church building but there is a prayer band praying from noon to midnight for God to move powerfully in our Sunday gathering. Commit to praying for at least one hour each Saturday by putting your initials on the white board near the prayer room or clicking on the short form below. This kind of prayer on Saturday will have a profound effect on our services in ways we’ve never imagined.

Prayer Band Sign Up