Psalm 57

Scott Axtmann
December 30, 2018

Before David became king he was a fugitive hunted like a wild animal. He was driven from place to place in search of safety. Finding refuge in a cave, David penned this psalm. Despite the fact that 3000 soldiers were hunting him down, David remains confident in God. He’s weak and tired, no doubt, but he declares the unfailing love of God. This psalm is an encouragement to all who feel surrounded by troubles and in an isolated dark place. The cave is where men and women of God are made. Never despise your cave but realize that God is fulfilling His purpose of shaping you into the image of Jesus. 

Psalm 95

Scott Axtmann
January 6, 2019

This is a motivational psalm perfect for the start of a new year. The psalmist urges God’s people to worship with joy, to be humble and to obey the voice of the Lord. And then strong reasons are given to do these things. This message explores the nature of worship and gives practical insights on how to excel in worship. The main idea of the message is that what we think about determines not only what we worship but the intensity of our worship—“as a man thinks so he is”. Much encouragement to feed the mind through Christian meditation is given. This is a great sermon especially for those who feel like their worship experience is a little flat and uninspiring lately. There is hope for the new year! 

Psalm 4

Scott Axtmann
January 13, 2019

This Psalm of David gives clear insight into how God works in the life of someone who cries out to the Lord. God works on our behalf. He brings relief in our times of distress. He puts love in us even for those who are hostile toward us. He lavishes supernatural joy upon us. Several verses of this psalm are directed toward those in society who were buying into false ideas. David encourages them to be silent and place their trust in the Lord. This message is an an encouragement to believers who find themselves in a society that has rejected the Gospel. Toward the end of the talk Pastor Scott gives personal testimony of how God has met him in his times of distress and has put joy in his heart greater than anything this world could give.