Scott Axtmann
January 27, 2019

This is the first message in a series exploring what God says about the church. A foundation is laid for the idea of membership and a strong argument is presented for the full devotion of each member. Pastor Scott also talks about the decline of the American Church and the great need for personal renewal in order to be fully functioning healthy members of a local church. The overall aim of this pastoral talk is to ignite a more full devotion to building what God is building.


Scott Axtmann
February 3, 2019

As we enter 2019 and the 16th anniversary of Renaissance Church, Pastor Scott walks us through the early trials and hard lessons he’s had to learn as a church planter in New England. But from location to location, as God continues to pour out a fuller vision for what Ren is meant to be, what stands clear through the years is that God answers those who seek Him desperately.


Scott Axtmann
February 10,2019

Since the church began in 2003 we have worked hard to articulate in writing and preaching the essential ethos of the church. Ethos is what drives us. It's the culture of Ren. In one sense all churches everywhere in every generation should have fixed aspects but in another sense each local church takes on unique shapes to incarnate the Gospel in the particular settings they are embedded in. This message is another attempt to bring clarity to what Ren holds dear as a church. Pastor Scott shares ten aspects of ethos that have distinguished the church since its inception. Messages like this are important not only for people trying to determine if Ren is a good fit but also as a reminder to the Core members of what sort of church we are striving to be.