Devotion to the Local Church

Scott Axtmann
April 10, 2016

Within a local church body, all the parts of the body need to function well together, and everyone is gifted uniquely to contribute to the body and play a role. Pastor Scott offers some vision about the ways in which our devotion to a local church body can create a catalyst for spiritual awakening and transformation, and create a dwelling place for God's presence. He then offers a specific call to Ren Core membership, and encourages us to be fully devoted to the Ren body.


Scott Axtmann
April 12, 2015

In this message, Pastor Scott lays out the call on our church to not just occupy our new building, but to be a blessing to those around us in our neighborhood.  He lays out some Scripture and some dreams we have for this new season at Ren.  

History of REN

Scott Axtmann
December 30, 2012

As we enter 2013 and the 10th anniversary of Renaissance Church, Pastor Scott walks us through the early trials and hard lessons he’s had to learn as a church planter in New England. But from location to location, as God continues to pour out a fuller vision for what Ren is meant to be, what stands clear through the years is that God answers those who seek Him desperately.