Devotion to the Local Church

Scott Axtmann
April 10, 2016

Within a local church body, all the parts of the body need to function well together, and everyone is gifted uniquely to contribute to the body and play a role. Pastor Scott offers some vision about the ways in which our devotion to a local church body can create a catalyst for spiritual awakening and transformation, and create a dwelling place for God's presence. He then offers a specific call to Ren Core membership, and encourages us to be fully devoted to the Ren body.


Scott Axtmann
April 12, 2015

In this message, Pastor Scott lays out the call on our church to not just occupy our new building, but to be a blessing to those around us in our neighborhood.  He lays out some Scripture and some dreams we have for this new season at Ren.  

History of REN

Scott Axtmann
December 30, 2012

As we enter 2013 and the 10th anniversary of Renaissance Church, Pastor Scott walks us through the early trials and hard lessons he’s had to learn as a church planter in New England. But from location to location, as God continues to pour out a fuller vision for what Ren is meant to be, what stands clear through the years is that God answers those who seek Him desperately.

4 Roots of Ren Identity: Missional

Scott Axtmann
October 28, 2012

n the final part of our series on the 4 Roots of Ren Identity, Pastor Scott talks through the importance of mission in our church life. Whether it's the refugee community, or the high school next door, or the downtown homeless, we at Ren believe that the best way to impact the city is by partnering with those who are already on the ground doing the daily work of serving the most needy populations. We are honored to call these organizations our friends and invite you into the work of self-sacrifice and kingdom restoration – the same work which Jesus began 2000 years ago.

4 Roots of Ren Identity: Spirit-Empowered

October 21, 2012
Scott Axtmann

Lots of good things can be accomplished, and have been accomplished, without the Spirit of God. But the things that are eternal, the things that dramatically turn the world upside-down in an instant, the things that convict us of Truth – only by the power of the Holy Spirit do we see the supernatural in-breaking of God's reality into everyday life. And we increase God's Spirit in our lives not by secret charismatic formulas, but by humbly travailing with God in a yearning lifestyle of prayer.

4 Roots of Ren Identity: Holy

October 14, 2012
Scott Axtmann

Why do we stubbornly choose to picture ourselves as sinners, when the Bible calls us saints? In part 2 of our meditation on the core values of Ren, Pastor Scott powerfully reminds us that we are each morally accountable for the way we live our lives. Instead of sympathizing with our weaknesses, God calls us to receive the grace available to us today: not by our own works, but by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. We must rise up to the calling to be set apart – not only in our hearts, but in our entire lifestyle.

4 Roots of Ren Identity: Biblical

October 7, 2012
Scott Axtmann

Does the Word of God affect you in your everyday life? In the first part of our new series discussing the 4 roots of our church identity, Pastor Scott unpacks what it truly means to live a biblical lifestyle. It's not about knowing the right answers or going to church functions; being biblical means being in zealous pursuit of God, willing to make the necessary sacrifices to interact with Him on a daily basis.

Ren Life

June 3, 2012
Scott Axtmann

As Renaissance continues to grow, we will be taking a fresh approach to nurturing the life of the church and doing ministry together. Pastor Scott lays out the 4 basic areas of church life that will seek to help every member to move into the full expression of their identity in Christ. This message is foundational to the vision of our community in this next phase of Renaissance!