Pastor Scott's Comments on Charlottesville

Scott Axtmann
August 20, 2017

"What has been happening in recent days is absolutely appalling but not surprising. I think most of us are aware that racism is alive and well, not just in a small band of white supremacists, but in a significant portion of American society. I'm certain it has sunk into every human heart to some extent which is why we all need to constantly ask God to search our hearts. We should always be on the side of promoting justice and defending those who are being oppressed. It's our calling as followers of Jesus." Read the rest of the written version here.

Scott Axtmann
June 4, 2017

Pastor Scott gives what he often calls a "pastoral talk" to address some very practical and important concerns regarding life as a church community. There are many challenges in the aim to have depth of community including geographic scattering, busy schedules, widening social circles, fatigue, and the transient nature of cities. Several concrete instructions are given on how to overcome these challenges and develop deep meaningful relationships within the church. In the ending, Pastor Scott talks specifically about the need for supernatural love in order to do what God is calling us to do in being a community of love.

To Such Belongs the Kingdom

Scott Axtmann
June 6, 2016

Our children are being swept away by world systems of unbelief. The majority of children raised in the Church fall away from faith. Most young people are not interested in serving the Lord. Instead, they are caught up in the current of the world. The Bible clearly states that the Kingdom of God is for children; God can move in their lives and transform them. Pastor Scott preaches a message about what God wants to do in the upcoming generation, and our role in our families and communities.

Where is Ellynn now?

Scott Axtmann
May 29, 2016

On Wednesday, May 25, the Renaissance Church community tragically lost a beloved member in a terrible accident. At times like this, we can't help but ask God, "Why?" We may never be able to answer that question to our satisfaction, but Pastor Scott delivers a heartfelt and powerful message about grief, loss, and hope.