Pastor Scott grew up in Western Massachusetts and received Jesus at the age of 21. He met his wife Tiffany while doing Bible studies at Denny's, where she was working during college break. They moved to New York City and became heavily involved in homeless ministry there. After attending Bible college, he moved onto campus ministry in Boston and Providence and soon formed the idea for a new church in the city. Pastor Scott's vision for ministry has been shaped by a wide array of spiritual influences across many denominational lines, from fiery old school revivalists to social justice advocates to today's New Reformed spokespersons. Scott and Tiff have two daughters, Taylor and Madeline.  


REBECCA PLANTE  Ministries Director

Rebecca Plante is originally from CT. In 1998 she decided to attend Zion Bible Institute, (now known as Northpoint Bible College). It was at Zion that she met her husband Damien, also a student there. Under Zion’s ministry apprenticeship program, Becky and Damien worked with Pastor Scott in the beginning stages of Renaissance Church, committing to one year. For 13 years Becky was one of the worship leaders at her former church and also comes with 10 years experience as a medical administrator. She has a heart for worship music and church functionality and growth. In 2015, both Becky and Damien felt that God was directing them back to Ren. Since their return they have committed to being a part of the Ren church community. Becky and Damien have two daughters named Chloe and Camila.



Nate and Becky Pracht have been members of Renaissance Church since 2005.  They met while both on the worship team and were married by Pastor Scott in 2009.  Nate received his Masters of Divinity in 2012 from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  He served under Scott as Associate Pastor for seven years.  Becky received her Masters of Social Work from Boston University in 2013.  She is now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Rhode Island.  She received her certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center in Boston, MA in 2017.  They have both served in various capacities at Ren over the years, including spending many years serving RENKids.  They took over as RENKids Directors in June 2018 and have been working to develop RENKids into a place that could serve every child, no matter what needs they might have, building on the RENKids mission statement: “to help children know the JOY of knowing Jesus.”  They also dream of crafting RENKids into a hub of teamwork and spiritual growth for every team member who volunteers and serves our kids. Becky and Nate are parents to a toothless cat, enjoy board games, and are serious about spoiling their nieces and nephews. 

CHRIS WAUGH  Youth Pastor and College Ministries Coordinator

Growing up in church, Chris learned all the proper doctrine, norms, and rules of Sunday School and Youth Group. However, he seldom felt a need for God or a reason to exalt Jesus above his own self-interests. After years of anger, frustration and rebellion, Chris was brought low by visions of his own mortality and surrendered his life to Christ. Today, he is passionate about leading young people away from the mistakes of his youth and into a joy-filled relationship with Jesus. He is a musician, student and sports fan and currently resides in the Upper Southside neighborhood of Providence.


ROGER + JACKIE PLANTE  Building Maintenance

Roger and Jackie Plante have been a part of Ren from its origin. They have been by Pastor Scott and Tiffany's side in prayer, servanthood and devotion throughout its existence until today. They maintain the beautiful space at Ren and are loved by the community there.


ALLI LESON  Art Director

Alli serves as Ren's art director, designing print materials, managing the website, overseeing the visual aspects of the Ren space, and working on other various creative projects. She is passionate about using creativity to serve the church and spread the message of Jesus. After graduating from RISD in 2008 with a BFA in Illustration, Alli's decision to stay in Rhode Island for work was in large part driven by her commitment to Ren. She has previously worked as art director for Providence Monthly and is currently a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Alli and her husband Chris have one daughter.