77 Reservoir Ave. Providence, RI 02907

77 Reservoir Ave.

Providence, RI 02907


Join us at our Sunday gatherings to experience the love of God—not only in community, but more importantly in prayerful worship. Our service times are at 9am & 11am. Renaissance Church is a diverse spiritual community, as it is our aim is to become a "house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7). From lifelong Rhode Islanders to newly arrived refugees, from college students to college professors, from missionaries to friends in recovery, we welcome all as we know that Jesus' Gospel of grace is meant for all.


We serve the Sacrament of Communion every week at REN. Coinciding with the post-sermon worship set, Communion is the highlight of our services as this is the time when each one of us can respond to the message with our hearts laid bare before God. We may respond in singing, in quiet meditation, or in prayer, with optional assistance from someone on the Prayer Team. At any time during the worship, one may come up to either side of the stage to partake of the elements. The only requirement is a heart that yearns for more of Jesus in their life.



Sunday Gatherings
9AM & 11AM
77 Reservoir Ave. Box E
Providence, RI 02907